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Using Articles


In Talkdesk Guide™, Articles are documents that are inside Topics. They hold knowledge and feed the underlying Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine of Guide, to optimize the search function, as well as the Agent and Editor productivity. To answer these demands, “Articles” are made of “Sections”.

This article structure allows that the “Sections” content can be reshared in several articles, making it possible to have a single source of truth. In addition, they can also be reused in Procedures’ content


The Article Structure

Creating an Article

To create an Article, please follow these steps:


1. Click Create Article[1]. A new window will open.


2. Fill in the “Name” [2] and “Nest article under” [3] fields.

3. Click Create [4].


Now, you can start creating content:


1. Change the Article name [1] and the Topic name [2], if necessary.

2. From the available options, enter the name of a section to which knowledge articles can be added [3].

3. An article can have as many sections as a user wants. Click on Insert sections [4].

4. Select Save Draft [5] or Publish [6], when you’re done.


Editing Articles

You can change an article any time by editing it.


Click on the pencil icon [1] in the Topic Page. Entering “Article Edition” mode, allows changing its title, Topic and content (as mentioned above).


Changing Content

When an Article is first created, you are invited to create content.


Your new “Article” will always have an empty section where you can immediately start to type text [1]. The plus sign (+) seen in the section is a text insertion point.


When the plus sign (+) is clicked [1], it expands to a toolbar with several buttons corresponding to the following elements:

1. Text styles [2], as shown in the picture below.

2. Pictures that can be embedded or uploaded [3].

3. Videos that can be embedded (from YouTube and Vimeo) [4].

4. Bulleted lists [5].

5. Numbered lists [6].

6. Tables [7].


Text styles supported by Guide are the ones depicted by the picture above.

When selecting text from an article, the following formatting appears:


1. You can pick a text formatting from the styles shown previously [1].

2. Choose to format your text between “Bold”, “Italic”, “Underline” and “Strikeout” [2].

3. Insert the “URL Links” insertion [3].


Deleting an Article

To do so, please follow these instructions:


1.Click on the “three dots” symbol [1].

2. On the new pop-up window, choose Delete [2].


3. Confirm the deletion by selecting Delete [3].


Viewing an Article

When you display an article, by choosing any from under any topic, you enter in the called article view mode. Here you can see the following:



  • A breadcrumb for the article [1], that helps reveal the article location in the Knowledge Base.

Tip: It is also a secondary navigation element that allows users to quickly jump to Topics where the article is hosted.

  • The article body displayed on the browser page [2].
  • A text field to enable feedback on the article [3].

Managing an Article

Article Edition is available when an article is created and/or when a user wants to change an existing article.

In Article Edition mode, users can edit:


1. The title of the article [1].

2. The “Topic” under which the article is hosted [2].

3. The last time the article was published [3].

4. The editable sections [4]  which are part of the article.

5. Two sets of metrics related with article edition quality [5] and structure [6].




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