Product Notice: Deprecating Legacy Live [Effective June 19, 2021]

With our Winter '20 Release, we've updated Talkdesk Live™, our real-time dashboards, with a new data model for more detailed insight into queue and agent activities and a more accurate depiction of contact center performance. As a result, we will be deprecating the Live (legacy) functionality. The below notice outlines the timeline of coming changes, description of the customer migration, anticipated impact, and next steps required from users.


When will the change happen?

On June 19, 2021, we will begin deprecating Live (legacy). Once deprecated, users will no longer have access to the Live (legacy) tab.

  • End of Support: May 19, 2021
  • End of Life: June 19, 2021


What happens to the customers still using Live (legacy)?

Upon deprecation, the Live (legacy) tab will be removed.

As of February 12, 2021 all customer accounts have been automatically enabled with access to the new version of Live. Customers will continue to have access to both Live (legacy) and the new version of Live until June 19, 2021. Following Live (legacy) deprecation, all data currently available in Live (legacy) will continue to populate reports in Explore.

Because of the significant enhancements we’ve made to Live with the new data model now available, Live (legacy) dashboards will not automatically migrate to the new version of Live.


How does this affect the Salesforce integration?

To avoid any service disruption, Live (legacy) will not be deprecated for Salesforce customers until such time as the new version of Live is made available in the Salesforce managed package.


What do I need to do?

  • Get acquainted with the new data model by consulting the articles:
  • Create new dashboards using the new version of Live; for guidance, please refer to the following articles in the Talkdesk Knowledge Base:


What enhancements does the new version of Live bring?

  • Newly Improved Talkdesk Live mirrors your contact center activities in real-time, and is exclusively sourced by the new data model. The new data model is a new data standard, focused on Contacts instead of Calls. The new data model is available both in the new version of Live and Explore Reports (new), Dashboards, and Datasets.
  • The new version of Live introduces improvements including an increased level of detail available to users, a simplified experience of dashboard configuration, and overall flexibility when using dashboards. It is now a more scalable tool, with a higher capacity for processing information from several sources online. Based exclusively on the new data model, the new version of Live provides a more granular view of the contact center.


What else should I know?

Now that users have access to the new data model with the new version of Live (access is provided by default to Supervisors and Admins), we encourage getting familiar with the Knowledge Base articles, Talkdesk Academy and Data Dictionary to gain a better understanding of this new approach to data.


If you have any questions, please refer to your Customer Success Manager, or contact Talkdesk Support.




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