Product Notice: Talkdesk for Salesforce 3.20

Published: March 19, 2021


Talkdesk will release version 3.20 of the Salesforce Managed Package on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Please see below for details regarding the upgrade schedule and summary of new features.


When will the change happen?

On March 23, 2021, Talkdesk will push version 3.20 of Salesforce to all customers who have requested a sandbox-first upgrade.

Beginning on March 30 and concluding by March 31, the push upgrade process will be performed for all production customer accounts.

For specific details and additional information on your organization’s rollout plan, please refer to your Customer Success Manager or contact Talkdesk Support.


What new features will this version bring?

  • Salesforce SMS On Person Accounts [Generally Available] - SMS Component is now extended to Person Accounts in Salesforce. The agents are able to send and receive SMS from within the SMS component, which can now be added to the Person Account record layout.


  • Salesforce ‘Relate To’ Pending Records [Generally Available] - Allows agents to relate previous unrelated calls to existing entities. If enabled, this feature provides a Pending Relate To’s list in the Relate To widget when there are unrelated calls, this will allow the agent to address those past calls and perform the relation.


  • Salesforce Dialer Customized Modal URL [Early Access - part of ongoing Salesforce Dialer Power & Preview EA Program] - The user can choose a custom URL to be used as the page in the contact pop modal layout on the Salesforce Dialer. Please note that this feature is being released as part of an Early Access Program and is not yet available to all customers. To learn more, reach out to your sales rep or Customer Success Manager.


Enhancements to existing functionality

  • Salesforce Relate To - Enabled the option to hide the Relate To dismiss button (previous Cancel button), so that the dismiss button will never show up, and calls must be related to a standard object.


  • SMS Component - UI improvements to the SMS Component.


  • High Velocity Sales - The HVS is now correctly relating Tasks to Accounts. For an Account in the HVS My List, as the agent starts working on it, a Task is created and related to that Account.


Bug fixes with this version

  • SMS Component - If the agent is not logged in, the SMS component will prompt the users to login into Talkdesk, avoiding a disruptive situation where the agent was able to input and click send, even though the sms would not be sent, nor provide visual feedback of the failure.


  • SMS Component - Fixed bug which, upon login through the SMS component, redirected users to a tab displaying only the SMS component. Now, upon login the user will continue within the same layout.


  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


Coming soon - new version of Talkdesk Live™ - Customer action required

The new version of Talkdesk Live, real-time reporting capabilities, will be made available to Talkdesk for Salesforce as part of the Summer ‘21 Release (June 2021). In order to receive the benefits of this new version of Live, all customers will need to have the latest version of the Salesforce managed package installed by this date.





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