Adding a Record to a DNCL in Callbar

By having the ability to add a record to a Do Not Call List (DNCL) in Callbar® we give you the option to perform more efficiently without having to use more than one application. To have access to this feature, an administrator needs to assign a Do Not Call List to the campaign. To learn more about this, please read the article Creating a Campaign.


Next, please follow these steps, during an ongoing call or the call wrap-up, in Callbar:


1. Click on the call notes button [1].


2. Enable the “Do-not-call” toggle [2].


3. Tick “Set an expiration date” [3], and set a date for records that don’t want to be called until a specific day in the future.

After this, if the call is disconnected, you can close the ”Call Notes” window or log the information.



  • You can access the feature while on a call or during the call wrap-up.
  • If the record doesn’t want to be called ever again, then keep “Set an expiration date” unchecked.
  • The ”Disposition” drop-down is not connected to the “Do-not-call” toggle button.


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