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Release Notes| March 3, 2021 | Talkdesk Studio - Callback


On Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, we will progressively start releasing an enhancement in Talkdesk® Studio™ that will be visible in the Studio Flow Execution Report.

The “Time in Step” column of this report represents the time spent in a specific component of the flow. From now on, this time will also include the time spent on the call, as the Callback will be executed until the call between the contact person and the agent is finished.

Previously, the component was only executed until the agent answered the callback, and the “Time in Step” would only include the time spent in the queue. From now on, the “Time in Step” of a Callback will also include the duration of the call between the agent and the contact person.

As a result, a successful conversation between an agent and a contact in the scope of a Callback will now display a “call_finished” exit in the Studio flow execution report.

Additional exit names are now displayed in the report:

  • agent_rejected: when the agent rejects the callback.
  • contact_rejected: when the contact person rejects or does not answer the callback.
  • call_aborted: when the agent answers the call and hangs up while the contact person is being dialed or during a blind transfer from Agent A to Agent B, in which Agent B rejects the call (with voicemail setting enabled).

This enhancement is being implemented in preparation for the release of post-call configurations in the Callback component, which will allow the flow to be executed even after the conversation between the contact person and the agent finishes.

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