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Release Notes | February 4, 2021 | Callbar Version 1.37


On Thursday, February 4th, 2021, we will release Callbar Version 1.37.



  • Fetching Data: We listened to your feedback and we're excited to say good-bye to the "Fetching Data..." screen! We sped up the data retrieval process for an incoming call and, as a result, the "Fetching Data..." screen is irrelevant. Now, when you receive a call, the caller information will immediately appear.





  • Phone Number Library: We have updated the phone number library to the latest version, ensuring an accurate validation of phone numbers dialed in Callbar.



  • Agent status when a warm transfer ends: After the caller hung up during a warm transfer, the original agent’s status stayed “On a Call” and the second agent’s status changed to “After Call Work.” Now, the original agent’s status changes to “After Call Work” and the second agent’s status changes to the one they had before the call started.
  • Show tenant custom contact field: We fixed an issue where the contact’s tenant custom field was not showing when trying to associate a call with an existing contact.


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