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Release Notes | December 16, 2020 | Talkdesk for Salesforce Version 3.19


On Wednesday, December 16th, 2020, we will publish version 3.19 of Talkdesk for Salesforce to the Salesforce AppExchange.

There will not be a push upgrade for customers in this release. If you are willing to upgrade the package, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.



  • High Velocity Sales (HVS) [Generally Available] - The enablement of Salesforce HVS compatibility within the Talkdesk for Salesforce package will allow you to work with the HVS click-to-call and sales cadence functionalities, linked to dispositions and translating this into the work queue. Completed calls to queued contacts will automatically be taken out from the active queue list, and the defined sales cadences will be seamlessly updated along the dialing process. Note: This feature is currently compatible with Callbar App (Electron) only.



Salesforce Relate To:

  • Relating a lead to a Talkdesk Activity and creating a “Log on task” are now separate actions, validating if there is already a task with the specific Talkdesk activity id on that lead and, separately, if the account has a “Log on task” configuration enabled. This way, all supposed leads can be related to a Talkdesk Activity and, if configured on the account, will have a related task as well. 

Salesforce Dialer:

  • From now on, if you choose to display the Compact Layout when opening the dialer contacts modal, only the fields defined in the Compact Layout on the modal will be shown, not the full layout of the object.

Salesforce Dynamic Outbound Caller Id:

  • Calls performed from Talkdesk for Salesforce are now reaching Callbar faster, avoiding requested calls from initiating out of time, failed calls on the dialer, and overall delays while using the click-to-call with the Dynamic Outbound click-to-call feature enabled. 


  • Solved an issue in which some permissions were missing from Talkdesk permission sets.
  • Introduced an enhancement on Salesforce jobs logic so that Talkdesk scheduled jobs do not block other jobs already scheduled, allowing the customer org not to reach the Salesforce limit when there are multiple scheduled apex jobs in the org. 
  • Solved an issue that prevented some agents from logging in to the Salesforce CTI connector.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


For more information, please visit the documentation on Talkdesk for Salesforce.


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