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Mandatory & Extra Fields in a List



In the Talkdesk Dialer™, you can add records to a list via an API (Application Programming Interface) or through a CSV. 

When you’re uploading a record list, you need to insert information in the mandatory fields, and you can also add fields that give more information about a record to the agent. Ignoring the mandatory fields will make a record invalid and unable to be dialed by the dialer.

Tip: To know everything about how to upload a list, please consult our Uploading a List article.


Below is the list of all possible fields you can add to your CSV or API, including whether they are mandatory, and the respective description:





External ID

Just if duplicated records are removed based on External ID and Provider.

Any external ID defined by the customer (example: contract number). 

External Provider

Just if duplicated records are removed based on External ID and Provider.

The External Provider used by the customer (example: Salesforce). 



The record’s phone number, including the country and area code.

First name


The record’s first name.

Last name


The record’s last name.



The record’s timezone. You can check all available time zones by clicking here.



The record priority for dialing. 

Record priority allows you to give a higher or lower priority to a record within a list, to determine when it’s going to be called by the dialer. The priority goes from 10 (highest priority) to 1 (lowest priority). Note: By default, records inserted via CVS have priority 5, and records via API have priority 11.

Extra fields


These extra fields can be any field that the Campaign.

Manager wants to show agents when they’re talking to a record. The extra fields will be displayed in Conversations, and allow agents to have a better context about whom they are talking to.


After uploading a list to the Talkdesk Dialer, you will see it on the following screen:



If you click the “Open in New Window” icon, on the right side of the screen, you will see the extra fields:


If you have doubts about CVS configuration, please click here.

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