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Release Notes | October 30, 2020 | Talkdesk Workforce Management


On Friday, October 30th, 2020, we will release Talkdesk® Workforce Management™ (WFM).

WFM is an application that uses existing data from a contact center, to forecast what will occur in the future, helping you to optimize staffing, create schedules, and predict and project key contact center performance metrics. WFM integrates with your cloud contact center to automatically import and synchronize your data.

Talkdesk’s iQ’s artificial intelligence provides omnichannel forecasting, anticipating intraday surges, slack and shrinkage, in real time to help make better staffing decisions. It also provides a skill-based scheduling assistant and timely data-driven insights allowing you to have the right team in place to satisfy customer demand.

What's Included

The app’s dashboard consists of four main areas:

  • Forecast
    Allowing you to import history from your cloud contact center and visualize a forecast.
  • Team Schedule
    Where all your team’s working schedules are displayed.
  • Insights
    Where Supervisors and Resource Planners can keep an eye on the contact center’s KPIs.
  • My Schedule
    Allowing you to view your personal schedule and request changes.

Other WFM key features include:

  • Forecast the expected workload for each queue.
  • Calculate staffing required to handle that workload within desired response times.
  • Create schedules to meet the requirements.
  • Manage requested changes and exceptions on the schedules.
  • Monitor intraday results and respond to deviations.
  • Review outcomes.

How to Install WFM

If you wish to install and start using WFM, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

For more information, please read our documentation.

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