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Release Notes | October 30, 2020 | Talkdesk Quality Management


On Friday, October 30th, 2020, we will release Talkdesk® Quality Management™.

Quality Management (QM) is an application that allows you to evaluate calls and other interactions from a single, intuitive user interface that can be accessed within your Talkdesk account.

The multi-channel evaluation flow provides a streamlined quality management process that leverages a quick rating system for phone and digital channels.


What's Included

The app's dashboard consists of two main areas: Forms and Evaluations.

This release of the app will include the following main features:

  • Form Builder to create custom scoring forms;
  • Advanced Player for reviewing and evaluating call recordings;
  • Coaching feedback that can be added to key moments in the call;
  • Ability to evaluate digital interactions;
  • Quick rating evaluation flow;
  • Automatic result calculation;
  • View of key quality metrics.


How to Install QM

If you wish to install and start using QM, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


For more information, please read our documentation.



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