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Using ServiceNow Update Call Log and Preview


The Update Call Log feature ensures the call log related to the case is updated, while the Update Call Log Preview sets the capability to let the user add custom and out-of-the-box fields on the Update Call Log automation.

To use both features, it is necessary to install the plugin dependencies that will later allow you to use the actions available in Talkdesk for ServiceNow.

To learn how to use the ServiceNow Update Call Log and the Preview features, please follow the steps below.


Installing Plugins


Action Description
Dependency on ServiceNow Plugin
Subscription Type ServiceNow Target Table
Create a Product Case with Call Log Creates a new (Product) Case and also a Phone Log in ServiceNow

  • Customer Service
  • Openframe
  • Paid
  • Free
  • sn_customerservice_case
  • sn_openframe_phone_log
Create an order case with call log Creates a new (Order) Case and also a Phone Log in ServiceNow

  • Customer Service Management for Orders.
  • Openframe
  • Paid
  • Free
  • csm_order_case
Update a Call Log of a Case Updates an existing Phone Log in new Order Case in ServiceNow
  • Openframe
  • Free
  • sn_openframe_phone_log

As shown in the table above, the “update call log of a case action” just depends on the “Openframe” free plugin; however, this action cannot be used separately because to update a specific call log, it must have been previously created and for that, one of these actions needs to take place: “create a product case with call log” or “create an order case with call log”.

Note: Currently, there is no action to create an independent call log, since its intention in ServiceNow is to be associated with a type of record, usually a case, so the call log is created on those actions.

In ServiceNow, please follow these steps to confirm which plugins are installed, or install new plugins:


1. In the application navigator, enter “plugins” in the search filter [1]. This will take you to System Definitions > Plugins.




2. Install or ensure that at least one of the following plugins is already installed: “Customer Service” or “Customer Service Management for Orders”. “Openframe” must always be installed.


Configuring an Automation in Talkdesk to Update a Call Log in ServiceNow

As mentioned earlier, to be able to run the “update call log of a case action” successfully, the “create a product case with call log” or “create an order case with call log” must have been previously run.

For example, you can set the below automations in Talkdesk, the first being “When an outbound call is ringing then a new order case with call log is created in ServiceNow”, which is a “create an order case with call log” action. Here, the trigger is “when an outbound call is ringing”, but it could be any that suits the purpose. The second, “When an outbound call starts then a call log is updated” is then the call log automation.


In Talkdesk, you can add the automation that will enable the call log update in ServiceNow, by following these steps: 


1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an administrator, then navigate to Admin  > Integrations and click on ServiceNow.

2. Click Add New Automated Task or Add your first automated task for ServiceNow, if you still haven’t configured any. This will take you to the automation configuration page. If you need assistance on how to configure Talkdesk for ServiceNow automations, visit our Automating Tasks in your ServiceNow Integration article. 

3. Following this example, choose the event “When an outbound call starts” and action “update call log of a case in ServiceNow” [1]. 

4. Then, fill in the “Start time of the call” [2] and the “End time of call” [3], since populating these fields will result in the update of the “Start time” and “End time” in the Call Log record in ServiceNow when the automation runs.  


Configuring the Update Call Log Preview

There are two default fields displayed on the “update call log of a case” action, which are “Start time of the call” and “End time of call”, but the Preview functionally was built to allow customers to add new fields in a given action so that more fields are populated when an automation runs, whether they are out-of-the-box or custom fields.

To add additional fields to the Update Call Log action using the Preview functionality, follow these steps: 


1. Navigate to Talkdesk [1] > Field Mappings [2] by using the application filter navigator.

2. Click on the New button [3].


3. Fill in the “Table” field with “Phone Log [sn_openframe_phone_log]” [4] and in “Field” select the field you want to display in Talkdesk [5].

4. Click Submit to finish the process.


5. The “Field Mapping” table will now show the record that was previously submitted [6]. 


6. Finally, log in to your Talkdesk account and open or create an “Update call log of a case” action [7]

Note: The Update Call Log Preview feature may present some limitations, namely field types that may not be supported, calls with less than 2 seconds duration that may impact the functionality of the feature, and choice fields that treat options with a comma as two different options (e.g., “optio,n” is treated as “optio” and”'n”).



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