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Release Notes | September 24, 2020 | Talkdesk Explore


On September 24th, 2020, we will release the following new features in Talkdesk® Explore™:

  • Default Reports Pre-visualization filtering;
  • Persist Filters;
  • Improvement in the Scheduling and Sending Experience;
  • Live Link to Agent Details Dashboard.

Default Reports Pre-visualization filtering

This feature allows you to filter the reports directly on the UI, similar to what is already possible in Explore’s Dashboards.

Before scheduling or sending the reports,  you will be able to narrow down the data in order to have a quick view of the information you’re looking for. The act of consulting data will be optimized to the point that you might don’t even need to send the report, since the information will be available upfront.


  • This feature is also available for Custom Reports.
  • Also, in order to better identify if you’re using a report or a dashboard, the filtering section in the reports will have a grey background.



Persist Filters

When using Default Dashboards with this new feature you have the option to apply the filters used in one dashboard so that they are equally configured in the remaining Default Dashboards (applies to common filters between dashboards). For example, when visiting the Inbound Dashboard, you can change the default filtering criteria and then pick “Persist filters”. Next, if you navigate to the Service Level Dashboard, the filters that are common to these two dashboards will be set with the values configured in the Inbound Dashboard.



  • Does not work with reports, only dashboards.
  • Does not work with custom dashboards.

For more information regarding both these topics, please visit the Knowledge Base article Filtering Dashboards and Reports.


Scheduling and Sending Reports and Dashboards

We are introducing a new email validation field:


Live Link to Agent Details Dashboard

When checking the Agent List or Calls drill-down in Live, if you click the Agent’s Name, you’ll get diverted to the Agent Details Dashboard in Explore with the dashboard already filtered by the agent.

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