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Release Notes | September 3, 2020 | Ringing Timeout and Customer Caller ID


On September 3rd, 2020, we will release the following new features on Talkdesk’s Admin section: Ringing Timeout and Customer Caller ID.

Ringing Timeout

This feature allows Admins to define a maximum amount of time for an incoming call to ring an agent’s device before the call is rerouted back to the queue or voicemail. The 35 seconds default timeout can be increased or decreased, thus establishing a time limit for the agent to answer the call.

Customer Caller ID Enabled

By default, when a phone call is forwarded to an agent’s external phone, the number displayed on the agent’s device will be one of the account’s phone numbers. If the new Customer Caller ID option is enabled, then the number displayed on the agent’s external phone will be the contact person’s specific caller ID. This way, the agent always knows who is calling.


For more information on these new features, please visit the Numbers Custom Settings section.

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