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Interaction Announcement API


What is it

The Interaction Announcement API allows the user to play an audio file on an ongoing call by using the interaction ID. This announcement will be heard by both the agent and the contact person. It is particularly useful in scenarios where you want to play a beep tone, a marking announcement, the terms and conditions, or any other type of audible announcement that you want both the agent and the contact person to hear. This API is available for customers on the Enterprise plan.

How to access it

To request access to the Interaction Announcement API, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or send an email to

The access to the Interaction Announcement API is scoped, which means that only authenticated users in Talkdesk with the right scope defined for the role will be able to play an interaction announcement during the call.

How to use it

You can follow these step-by-step guidelines to use the Interaction Announcement API:

  • Select the audio file that you want to be played during the interaction. It can be in one of the following formats:

    •  audio/MPEG
    • audio/WAV
    • audio/MP3
  • Make a request to the endpoint /interactions/{:interaction_id}/announcement behind API gateway with a body containing a JSON with a valid URL to the audio file that should be announced on the interaction.

For more information, check our developer documentation for the Interaction Announcement API.

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