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Toggle Recordings API


The Toggle Recordings API allows programmatic control of the recording status for ongoing interaction between an agent and a caller. It is particularly useful in scenarios where sensitive information needs to be shared privately and is available for customers on the Enterprise plan.

With the Toggle Recordings API, you can use the Interaction ID to stop/resume the recording of an on-going call.

How to access it

To request access to the Toggle Recordings API, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or send an email to

The access to the Toggle Recordings API is scoped, which means that only authenticated users in Talkdesk with the right scope defined for the role will be able to pause/resume a given recording. 

How to use it

Make a request to “/interactions/{interaction_id}/actions/{start/pause}” with the interaction id related to the ongoing voice call that you wish to pause/start the recording.

For more information, check our developer documentation for the Toggle Recordings API.

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