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Release Notes | August 6, 2020 | Callbar Version 1.32


On Thursday, August 6th, 2020, we will release Callbar Version 1.32.


  • Associate call details with any contact in your account: when agents are speaking with a person who is already on the contacts’ database, but is calling from a different phone number, they can now associate this call with any contact in the account directly from Callbar. This ensures the activity is captured efficiently and is always up-to-date.


  • This feature is similar to what we have today in the Main Talkdesk Web Application, and only the call details will be updated in the existing contact. The call details include:
    • Type of interaction (inbound, outbound, missed call, voicemail, and so on)
    • Name of the agent that answered the call.
    • Phone number used by the agent (e.g., via +1 801-734-9603).
    • Ring group(s) associated with the call.
    • Call date.

Searching for contacts

associated with the number

Searching for any contact

in the account





  • Warm transfer to ring group: In some cases, when an agent warm transferred a call to a ring group, the agent that received the call was seeing the Agent ID of the first agent, instead of the Agent’s Name.
  • Integration notification: Even if the agent did not have a certain integration, Callbar always showed a warning notification when opening the contacts’ dropdown during a call: “Contacts do not match any integration”.
  • Pause recording not working after adding guests: We fixed an issue related to the pause recording. As soon as an agent added a guest to the call, the agent wasn’t allowed to pause the recording (only a guest agent could do this). We have changed this behavior: only the agent that is the owner of the call should be able to stop/pause the recording.





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