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Using Relate to Ticket in Talkdesk for Zendesk


The Zendesk “Relate to” ticket enables agents to relate a phone call to an existing ticket in Zendesk.

Once the feature is set up, and when an inbound or outbound call ends, Callbar will display the tickets that are associated with the contact, so as to let agents establish a relation between the call and a ticket.

These relatable tickets will appear in the “Relate to” field dropdown list in chronological order, with closed tickets appearing last. Agents can then choose the ticket with which they will be associating the call:


When the ticket is selected, a comment will be automatically created in the ticket in Zendesk with the call's details, where agents will be able to add all the necessary call information:


Be sure to be logged in to Zendesk, as doing otherwise will prevent the feature from working properly; in this situation, the “Relate to” dropdown menu will not display any tickets and the following error message will appear in Callbar: “Make sure Zendesk is connected and reopen the tickets dropdown”.


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