Using Relate to Ticket in Talkdesk Zendesk Connector (Callbar)

The Zendesk "Relate to ticket" feature enables agents to relate a phone call to an existing ticket in Zendesk.

Note: This feature is currently compatible with Callbar App (Electron) only.

Once the feature is set up, and when an inbound or outbound call ends, Callbar will display the tickets that are associated with the contact, so as to let agents establish a relation between the call and a ticket.

These relatable tickets will appear in the "Relate to" field dropdown list in chronological order, with closed tickets appearing last. Agents can then choose the ticket with which they will be associating the call:


When the ticket is selected, a comment will be automatically created in the ticket in Zendesk with the call's details, where agents will be able to add all the necessary call information:


Note: If a phone number is associated with more than one user, the "Relate to" option will only display the tickets linked with the user whose phone is the direct line (i.e. the first user created with that number).

This feature is particularly useful to enable the agent to easily relate the call with the most recently viewed ticket.

To achieve this, agents must authorize Talkdesk to read their tickets right after they log in to Talkdesk through the CTI Connector:


1. In Zendesk, log in to Talkdesk by clicking on the Talkdesk icon in the top-right corner [1].


Note: Make sure that, right after logging in to Talkesk, pop-ups are allowed, otherwise Talkdesk’s screen pop-up won’t be displayed, and the feature might not work properly. Depending on the web browser you are using and its default behavior, pop-ups may be blocked. Check this on the site settings, and allow the pop-ups on your Zendesk web page. 

If the pop-ups are blocked, click on the pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups and redirects, as shown above. Once allowed, refresh the Zendesk page or log out and log in again into Talkdesk CTI.


2. When Talkdesk’s screen pop-up is displayed, click Allow [2] to enable Talkdesk to access the Zendesk user’s most recently viewed tickets.


From then on, when a call ends, the "Relate To" dropdown field [3] will show the last ticket viewed by the agent as preselected, and existing tickets related to the contact number will be on the list. The “Relate To” dropdown field will pull tickets from different users with a shared number so that no relevant ticket will be missing.


  • The "Relate To" list is limited to 20 tickets;

  • The agent's history is not tab-sensitive, therefore, if the agent opens ticket #1, then ticket #2, but navigates back to ticket #1, ticket #2 appears as selected in the "Relate To" dropdown list and as the last one opened from the ticket views. If the agent makes a change to an opened ticket, then that ticket becomes the most recently updated ticket by the agent.


Finally, be sure to be logged in to Zendesk, as doing otherwise will prevent the feature from working properly; in this situation, the "Relate to" dropdown menu will not display any tickets and the following error message will appear in Callbar: “Make sure Zendesk is connected and reopen the tickets dropdown”.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

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