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Using Salesforce Preview Dialer


Note: Please note that this feature is being released as part of an Early Access Program. To learn more, reach out to your sales rep or Customer Success Manager.

The Salesforce Dialer feature gives an agent and a salesperson the ability to automatically dial down a list of Salesforce records controlled by them. In Preview dialing mode, calls are only launched when an agent is available. It lets agents review records before calls are initiated, later allowing them to start the call or skip to another record.

How to set up

To access the “Salesforce Preview Dialer”, firstly, you will need to request Talkdesk to include the feature in your installation package. Once it is enabled, log in your Salesforce account, and follow these steps:


1. Click on Talkdesk Admin, and go to Settings, on the left side of the page.


2. Activate the “Enable Relate To for Salesforce” option by right-toggling the “Enabled” button.

3. Press Save.


4. Click on the geared icon, and choose Setup from the drop-down menu.


5. Hit Object Manager.


6. Select the record type you want to edit.

Note: You can enable Salesforce Preview Dialer for contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and/or cases. However, you cannot use it in the default “Recently viewed” list view.


7. Select Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic.


8. Select the Dialer custom button from the “Available Buttons” column, and move it to the “Selected Buttons” one.

9. Hit Save.


Now you will have the Dialer button option in the top-right corner.


How to use

To start using the feature, select the records you want to dial from any list view of contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, or cases if previously configured to show the dialer button (see the section “How to Set Up”). Tip: move to a non-default list view, where Dialer was previously added.

You can use the current list view functionality to help you. Finally, press the Dialer button on the top-right corner. 

When you enter the dialer screen, you will see a set of options on the right. In order to use the Preview Dialer feature, do the following:


1. In “Dialing mode”, check the “Preview dialing” option, and it will show Preview Dialer’s settings.

2. Set the “Preview time” using the slider for a time range in which a modal will pop-up with contact information before the actual call starts. This will basically define the time between calls in which you can prepare for the next call.

Tip: “Preview Time” allows you, if you have an extra workload, to fill in extra information, i.e. create new records, write notes and prepare the next call, or decide to record less information and decrease the preview time, so you can make more calls.


3. In “After preview time expires” select the option you prefer: dial that one contact if you want to call the next customer or skip to the next contact (options explained in detail below).

4. Hit Start dialing button on the top-right corner.


The controls provide a way for the agent or salesperson to pause, or stop the dialing process.


In “After preview time expires”, if you select the "Dial contact" option and then click on Start dialing, you will see the registration details appear in your browser; a timer for the start of the set action is also displayed". When the time is up, the number is dialed by default. In this case, every time you realize you do not want to dial the contact displayed, you must click on the Skip to next button.

After the call attempt was made, you will see its new “Call status” on the list.

If you select "Skip to next contact", you will see the registration details appear in your browser, and a timer for the start of the set action is displayed. When it reaches the time limit, it passes to another contact by default. In this case, every time you realize you want to dial the contact displayed, you must click on the Make call button otherwise, no calls will be made.

Tip: in any of the settings, if you want to perform the action before the end of the set time, you can click on Make call, or Skip to next.


After all the records have been processed, the “Start dialing”, “Pause dialing”, and “Resume dialing” buttons are no longer visible.

Note: To start dialing the list of records, you first need to have your Callbar connected to your Salesforce account. If the selected option is “Dial contact”, at the end of the preview time and depending on the success of the call, the call status is updated to “Dialing” or “Failed”. When the call ends, the system updates the call status to “Completed” or “Not Answered”. Finally, when you press “Stop”, the dialing process stops, i.e. any ongoing call does not stop, but no more numbers will be dialed. Any record that has not been called has its call status updated to “Not Dialed”. You will see “Pending” status in records which are to be dialed in the list you are dialing down, and the status will be updated to “Skipped” if you decide to skip the contact. The “Invalid Number” status is for numbers that have an invalid format, which are those not including the country code (numbers must be in E.164 standard in order to be valid). 

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