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Setting up the Salesforce Preview Dialer



  • Please note that this feature is being released as part of an Early Access Program. To learn more, reach out to your sales rep or Customer Success Manager.
  • The Preview Dialer is currently compatible with Callbar App (Electron) only.


The Salesforce Dialer feature gives an agent and a salesperson the ability to automatically dial down a list of Salesforce records controlled by them. In Preview dialing mode, agents can review records before calls are initiated, later allowing them to start the call or skip to another record. 

To access the “Salesforce Preview Dialer”, firstly, you will need to request Talkdesk to include the feature in your installation package. Once it is enabled, log in to your Salesforce account, and follow these steps:


1. Click on Talkdesk Admin [1], and go to Settings [2], on the left side of the page.


2. Activate the “Enable Salesforce Dialer” [3] option by right-toggling the “Enabled” button.


3. Press Save [4].


4. Click on the gear icon [5], and choose Setup [6] from the drop-down menu.


5. Hit Object Manager [7].


6. Select the object [8] you want to edit.

Note: You can enable Salesforce Preview Dialer for contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and/or cases. However, you cannot use it in the default “Recently viewed” list view.


7. Select Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic [9].

8. Click on the drop-down arrow, on the right side, and choose Edit [10].


8. Select the Dialer custom button from the “Available Buttons” [11] column, and move it to the “Selected Buttons” [12] column.

9. Hit Save [13].


Now you will have the Dialer button option in the top-right corner.

Salesforce Connector

The preview dialer also needs to be aware of the agent’s login session into Salesforce Connector, otherwise known as Salesforce’s phone widget or phone CTI. Follow the instructions in the article Please login in Salesforce Connector to ensure this connection is correctly configured.

Once you’ve finished the configurations, you can get started Using Salesforce Preview Dialer .


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