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Installing Agent Assist


The Agent Assist installation is a two-step process, led both by the account administrator and by the agent, at a later stage.

Talkdesk provides the administrator with an account-specific installation link which is used to enable the Agent Assist application for the whole account.

Once the enablement of the app is done by the admin, each agent needs to either install the Talkdesk application on their computer or access its web version through Talkdesk, so that they can later open Agent Assist.

Follow the steps below to learn how to install Agent Assist.


Agent Assist Installation for Admins

Use the installation link that was provided. Log in to your Talkdesk account, by entering your account name and clicking Login, and proceed to configure the installation settings by completing the following steps:


 1. Choose the full plan [1], the roles, or users who will have access to the application [2] and click Next [3].

AA_terms_and_conditions.png  2. Accept the application’s terms and conditions [4] and click Install [5]. A confirmation message of the successful installation will be displayed on your screen.

Note: More detailed information on how to install an AppConnect application can be found in this article.


Agent Assist Installation for Agents

Once Agent Assist has been enabled by the admin for the whole account, each agent needs to make sure that they can access Talkdesk Workspace. It is possible to access Talkdesk Workspace either by installing the application on the agent’s computer or by opening it from the Talkdesk main web application.


Talkdesk Workspace Web Installation

When the account administrator enables the application for the whole account, it will be immediately made available on Talkdesk main web application to all agents whose AppConnect permissions have been provided through Admin > Roles > AppConnect.

In this situation, agents will be able to see Agent Assist under My Apps in Talkdesk main web application and will be able to access and start it from here, simply by double-clicking on it.


However, if the account administrator hasn’t provided agents with access to AppConnect, it may be necessary for the admin to modify the team roles’ permissions under Admin > Roles > AppConnect to allow agents to see and access AppConnect on Talkdesk:


In case agents don't have access to AppConnect, Talkdesk Workspace can also be accessed locally, through an application installed in their computers, as detailed in the section below.


Talkdesk Workspace Local Installation

Contrary to the web application's full-screen window, when installed in the agent’s computer, the local application will be displayed in a sizable, always-on-top window that enables agents to work on multiple windows open at once.

To install Talkdesk Workspace on your computer, follow these steps:

 1. Copy the link that has been provided to you, paste it in a web browser and replace the name within the angle brackets with your account name.

 2. Depending on the operating system that you are using, pick one of the following options followed by Download. In our example, we will use macOS.   

  • Windows: .exe
  • Mac: .dmg

 3. Once the download is finished, place the application inside the “Applications” folder and the installation process will then be completed. 


 4. Whenever you need to access Talkdesk Workspace, go to the “Applications” folder and double-click on the application icon to open it.

 5. Log in using your account name:


 6. The application will be open and ready to provide you with the best answering tips. 


Learn more about how to start using Agent Assist in the article Agent Assist: Overview.


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