Product Notice: Callbar Update - EOL of Chrome Apps by Google

Published: Jun 8, 2020


In late 2016, Google first announced the discontinuation of Chrome Apps. Based on this announcement and to minimize disruption for our customers, Talkdesk began building Callbar® on a different technology stack, Electron, which has been Generally Available since early 2018.

In early 2020, Google pushed forward with their discontinuation of Chrome Apps. As a result, for Chrome Apps, Google will have two different end of support dates, depending on the operating system. June 2020 for Windows, Mac and Linux users, and June 2021 for Chrome OS users. In addition, Google added two extension dates for customers under Chrome Enterprise or Education Upgrade. Please see the timeline below for details.

Note that this change does not have an impact on any Chrome Extension, i.e. Talkdesk Click-to-Call extension.


When will the change happen?

Google end of support changes will commence between March 2020 and June 2022.



What does Google End of Support mean?

Although Callbar Chrome App will still run on your operating system, Talkdesk will no longer be able to push new updates to it. This means that your agents will not be able to receive any of the new features or improvements that will be released.

Additionally, Callbar Chrome App is going to be removed from Chrome Web Store, therefore you’ll no longer be able to install it on new computers.



For agents on Windows, Mac or Linux using Callbar Chrome App:

If you are using Callbar Chrome App on Windows, Mac or Linux, uninstall the Chrome App and install the Callbar® Electron version. This can be done through this download link.

It's important to know that Callbar® Chrome App and Electron share the same features and behavior, so there is no change to the agent's workflow.

Additionally, the agents using Callbar® Electron will benefit from Talkdesk SSO features, using the default browser for the login process. Note that IE is not supported, only Edge+.

There are some configurations that you need to perform:

  • To keep using the Talkdesk Click-to-Call Chrome extension, do not forget to update the option "Make the call through" to Callbar App.
  • If you are using Salesforce CTI connector, do not forget to update the CTI connector (Salesforce) for your users, on User Management.
  • If you are using Zendesk CTI connector, uninstall the current connector and install the Zendesk CTI connector for Callbar App.


For agents on Chrome OS:

It’s no longer possible to install Callbar Chrome App in Chrome OS machines. For these users, Talkdesk supports a web version of Callbar that can be accessed here. This web version is also an alternative for users on other operating systems who don’t wish to use an installed application.


Move to Agent Workspace:

Moving to Agent Workspace will let you have all the tools and data you need, unified on a “single pane of glass” that is fully supported on the web environment of any operating system with the Google Chrome browser. If you are on a Windows or Mac operating system, you can also install the desktop application of Agent Workspace.


Have questions or need assistance? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.





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