Product Notice: Zoho CRM Integration Migration to V2.0

Published: May 20, 2020


Following our January 22, 2020 communication “Migration to Zoho 2.0,” Zoho CRM has since deprecated their V1 API on January 31, 2020. In order to provide our customers with continuous service and a fully working integration, we have updated our Zoho integration to leverage their V2.0 API. Talkdesk will now deprecate its integration with V1.0 Zoho CRM API by automatically migrating all customers who are still using V1.0 to V2.0.


When will the change happen?

On June 30, 2020 customers who are using Talkdesk Zoho CRM Integrations V1.0 will be automatically migrated to V2.0.


What do I need to do?

  • Migrate to Zoho CRM Integration V2.0 before June 30, 2020, to guarantee that your integration will have no service disruption. You can find the migration guide using this link.
  • If you choose not to migrate prior to June 30, 2020, Talkdesk will automatically migrate your integration for you. However, as the second part of the migration process needs to be performed by you, we cannot guarantee Zoho integration service continuity until that process is finished.


What else should I know?

  • After June 30, 2020, all customers that are still on the Zoho CRM V1.0 will automatically be migrated to V2.0.
  • After this migration, your integration will not work until the migration process has been completed on your side. The migration guide can be found using this link. There are instructions for how to reconfigure the integration with new authentication. This process should take only a few minutes to be completed.
  • If the full migration process is not finished by the customer by July 31, 2020, Talkdesk will automatically disable the Zoho integration from the account, as inaction will indicate to Talkdesk that the integration is not in use by the customer.


For questions or assistance on the migration process, please contact the integrations team on the email

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