Talkdesk CXTalent: FAQ for Job Seekers



What is Talkdesk CXTalent gig economy platform?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ gig economy platform is an online platform that connects job seekers like you with innovative companies hiring talent to answer incoming customer questions, manage customer service teams and deliver great customer experiences (CX). Unlike other job boards or freelance sites, CXTalent is exclusively dedicated to CX jobs in order to connect the best talent with the right companies.


Is CXTalent gig economy platform only for contact center professionals?

CXTalent is built for any job seeker, regardless of background or prior experience. While some companies hiring on CXTalent are looking for people with prior contact center experience, each company is unique, hiring for a variety of contact center roles (for example, support agents, outbound sales representatives, or customer service supervisors), and open to a diverse range of skills. Take advantage of our free online training programs through Talkdesk Academy™ to develop the skills that make a great contact center employee — and earn certifications you can use on your profile.


How do I register?

To register as a job seeker, simply go to this link and follow the steps to create a CXTalent profile. You’ll be prompted to include information about who you are, your knowledge, skills, and any prior CX experience, hours of availability, and your desired hourly rate. It’s important to provide as much relevant information as possible to ensure the best possible matches with potential employers. (See also: “How do I find a job?”)


How do I find a job?

Companies looking for CX talent will access our database of job seekers and browse CXTalent profiles like yours to find potential candidates. While some companies are looking for people with prior contact center experience, each company is unique, hiring for a variety of contact center roles (for example, support agents, outbound sales representatives, or customer service supervisors), and open to a diverse range of skills. If your profile looks like a match, the hiring organization will reach out to you directly either by phone or email. Once connected, you’ll be able to discuss job details and next steps with the recruiter or hiring manager. (See also: "How do I register?")


How do I get paid?

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to specify your desired rate per hour, in U.S. dollars. This amount is entirely up to you, but keep in mind the rate can still be negotiated once a hiring organization contacts you. If an agreement between you and the hiring organization is reached, once your employment begins, your employer will pay for your services using the CXTalent payment system.


How will my performance be measured?

How your performance is measured is ultimately up to your employer. It’s a good practice to clarify this during the negotiation process. If hired, your role may require the use of the Talkdesk platform for day-to-day work responsibilities such as answering customer calls, responding to customer emails or tracking contact center performance metrics. Talkdesk will monitor the activities you perform while on-the-clock, such as logging in and out, availability changes, call answering and rejection, call duration, customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating, etc. It’s also possible that your calls with customers are recorded for training and quality purposes. Your employer may use these data and recordings to assess your performance. By registering in CXTalent you allow this data to be collected and used. For more details, please read the User Terms on the CXTalent registration page.


What are the home office and technical requirements?

You can work from anywhere that suits you and the job needs, as long as you have the equipment, internet connection, and work conditions required by your employer. Here are some important ways to create a successful at-home work environment:


  • Make sure you have a quiet place to work, free from interruptions or distractions.
  • You must have a personal computer with a Google Chrome web browser.
  • Because you’ll be using a web-based system, your internet connection is very important. You can test your connection following these instructions. We recommended that you use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi — here’s why.
  • It’s best to use a quality, corded headset for crystal-clear phone conversations.
  • If you have additional questions regarding system or network requirements, you can find more information here.



How can I expand my contact center skills?

Check out Talkdesk Academy for access to free online courses that provide training on how to use the Talkdesk platform and help you learn the tools and techniques that make great contact center agents, managers, and administrators. Earn certifications and add those to your CXTalent profile to enhance your qualifications, increase your earning potential and advance your career.


If you have more technical questions regarding Talkdesk software, please check the Talkdesk Knowledge Base where you’ll find additional information about how to use Talkdesk, detailed product documentation, and tips and tricks for customer experience professionals.


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