Displaying the Tenant Custom Contact Field in Callbar

Talkdesk allows you to display an extra contact field in Callbar to give agents additional context when conducting calls.

This is useful for when a customer has multiple indistinct contact records in your organization and agents need to know which record they’ll associate their calls to. For example:

  • You need to create new customer records for different parts of your pipeline.
  • Your contact center manages multiple products, and you require distinct customer records per product.
  • A customer has a distinct presence in multiple locations, and you need a separate contact record for each one.

Note: If synchronization between Talkdesk and Salesforce contacts exist, the enablement of the “Tenant_Talkdesk” field needs to be done in Salesforce and not on Talkdesk. Learn more about how to do it in the section Enabling the Tenant Custom Field on Salesforce.

Enabling the Tenant Custom Field for Talkdesk Contacts


You can enable this field by navigating to Admin [1] > Preferences [2] and adding a custom field named “Tenant_Talkdesk” [3].

Once the field is added, click Save at the bottom of the page to finalize the “Tenant_Talkdesk” field. 

Note: For more detailed instructions on adding custom fields, please read the article Adding Custom Fields.


After you click Save, your contacts will show a new field named “Tenant_Talkdesk” [4].


Subsequently, Callbar will show these values for the contact [5].


Enabling the Tenant Custom Field on Salesforce

 If your organization syncs Talkdesk contacts from Salesforce, we recommend enabling this field on Salesforce’s end.


  • If you import Talkdesk contacts from Salesforce, but enable “Tenant_Talkdesk” within Talkdesk Admin, Salesforce will not show the custom field.
  • Completing the instructions below requires you to initiate a contact resync from Salesforce to Talkdesk. Please ensure your Salesforce contacts are properly organized before starting these steps.

To display custom fields from Salesforce contacts, you’ll add “Tenant_Talkdesk” as a custom field to the Contact object within Salesforce. See Salesforce’s documentation for comprehensive instructions on how to create a custom field and display it on the relevant contact layout for easier editing access, if needed.

When you create the custom field, you must create it with these parameters. 

Field Label


Field Name


API Name


Data Type

Text, 16-character length

Once the custom field is created, you must initiate manual contact sync from Salesforce to Talkdesk to reveal the field within Talkdesk.


Note: Once you enable “Tenant_Talkdesk” on Salesforce, it appears in Talkdesk contact pages after Talkdesk is aware to update them. This means that automations that update records individually will cause the custom field to appear. The method described here prompts Talkdesk to update all records by reimporting them from Salesforce, effectively revealing the custom field for all contacts.


1. Navigate to Admin [1] Integrations [2] Salesforce [3].


2. Click Configuration [4].

3. Without making any changes to the integration settings, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you click Save, contact records within Talkdesk will show “Tenant_Talkdesk”. Additionally, Callbar will present the values attributed to ”Tenant_Talkdesk” for contacts matching the number of a call.

Note: You can use a formula field (text) within Salesforce to expedite populating Tenant_Talkdesk. For further information, please refer to the specific Salesforce documentation.

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