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Learn how you can customize and leverage Talkdesk for your business, in the shortest time possible, by focusing on these key functionalities.

For in-depth training, explore the resources in Talkdesk Academy.


1: Purchase and Set up Phone Numbers

To set up a new phone number in Talkdesk, navigate to Admin > Numbers and select Buy Number. Ring groups (also known as Queues) will be used later to route calls to agents.


2: Add New Users

From Admin > Users, add new users and assign them a role, such as other Administrators. You can apply a default role, or build different roles by going to Admin > Roles and Permissions.


3: Make a Test Call with Conversations

Go to the app Conversations app and try it out by making a call.


4: Customize Incoming and Outcoming Flows

From Admin > Studio, you can build out multiple conversational flows with different triggers and outputs. 

Learn more about Studio: 


5: Add New Contacts

In the Contacts app, you can add and find all your business and internal contacts.


6: Try out the Voicemails app

Take a peek at the Voicemails app, where you can access and handle all voicemails in one location. 


7: Analyze interactions

Check out the Activities app where you’ll be able to analyze voice and digital interactions.


8: Monitor performance

With Talkdesk Live real-time monitoring, you can turn data into actionable insights.


9: Analyze historical data

Leverage the reports and dashboards in Talkdesk Explore to view performance metrics and insights.


10: Monitor your team’s behavior

Rely on Talkdesk Guardian to detect and mitigate security risks. 

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