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6 Steps to Get Up and Running with Talkdesk


In order to get up and running with Talkdesk in the shortest time possible, here are the key areas of focus to have agents productively working and taking calls tomorrow.


Step 1: Phone Number Setup

To set up a new phone number in Talkdesk, navigate to Admin > Numbers and select New Phone Number. Choose the relevant area code, and phone number type (local or toll free). Once selected add the relevant friendly name and ring group. The ring group will be used later to route calls to agents.

To learn more about purchasing numbers and setting up ring groups, please see these articles. 


Step 2: IVR and Greetings Setup

From Admin > Numbers, you can add recordings in the greetings section and build out the IVR.  Once the IVR message is selected, the admin can build out prompts for the IVR using either recordings or text to speech.

Learn more about your IVR and greeting options in these articles: 


Step 3: Integrations

If CRM integration is required for the rapid deployment, see the following links for our most common integration points: Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Dynamics, and Zoho.

Learn more about Talkdesk’s full suite of integrated services in our section dedicated to Integrations.


Step 4: Configuration and Testing

Complete configuration tasks like setting up your hours of operation, adding agents to the system, and assigning profiles. You can review the options at Admin > Preferences for other account-wide settings.

See these articles for guidance with configuring your account:


Step 5: Training

Have the system users download Callbar (Mac and Windows) and the Click-to call extension if required. 

Once the installation is complete, your team can take advantage of the lessons and videos in Talkdesk Academy to get up to speed with all the great features at their disposal.


Step 6: Live on Talkdesk!

Now that your staff is trained and all necessary configurations are set, your contact center is live and ready to manage calls.

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