Talkdesk Product Announcement Guidelines - Notifications to Customers

Content Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Originally Published: Feb 26, 2020


The Talkdesk Product Announcement Guidelines are designed to outline the events that will trigger a formal Product Announcement to be published to customers for awareness, and in some instances, action may be required. 


What is a Product Announcement?

Product Announcements are published by the Talkdesk Product and InfoSecurity organizations in order to alert customers of any changes to features or functionality, pricing, offers, or major maintenance that may impact use of Talkdesk products. These notifications may include actions customers must take in order to prepare for forthcoming changes.


Who receives Product Announcements?

Direct Talkdesk Customers with Admin or Supervisor roles receive notifications either in-product or via the Announcements section on Talkdesk Knowledge Base.


Events that trigger a Product Announcement to Customers:




Deprecation of Talkdesk Product

No longer offering functionality due to it being replaced with new and improved capabilities:

  • Deprecation of product; New product roll out
  • Reminder of Deprecation notice

4 months prior

1 month prior

Major Maintenance with Potential to Impact Performance

On rare occasion maintenance may occur that could potentially have an impact on the performance of the platform. More details can be found on our Preferred System Maintenance Schedule.

5 business days prior to event

New OEM Providers

When Talkdesk contracts with a new or replacing OEM partner to provide customer functionality; impacted customers are notified

1 month prior

Privacy Policies

When Talkdesk Privacy Policy is updated (public version on our website), all customers must be informed



Note: Any dates and times contained in this Announcement are estimates that are provided for informational purposes only. This Announcement does not create any binding obligations on behalf of Talkdesk.



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