Note: This feature is available as of Callbar 1.29.


Click-to-Transfer is a Callbar functionality that enables you to make a warm transfer by using the Click-to-Call feature.

If you have contact databases in other CRMs or other external tools, Click-to-Transfer will greatly improve your efficiency during calls by reducing the amount of steps required to make a warm transfer. 

Prerequisites to use Click-to-Transfer:

To utilize this functionality, follow the instructions below:

1. During a call, click on a phone number [1] to initiate the Click-to-Call feature. 



2. Click on Transfer [2] in Callbar to confirm the warm transfer.



The original call gets placed on hold while Callbar is dialing the other phone number.



3. When the other person accepts the call and you have finished talking to each other, click on Connect [3] to add the customer to the call. 



4. To complete the transfer and leave the call, click on Accept [4].

Alternatively, cancel the transfer by clicking on the Cancel [5] button.




Notes on Transferring Calls

  • Wrong phone number: If you click on the wrong phone number in step 1, simply click on another number to replace it.
  • Invalid phone number: If you click on an invalid phone number in step 1, simply click on another number or edit the number manually.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: During the warm transfer overlay in step 2, “Esc” performs the “Cancel” action and “Enter” performs the “Transfer” action.
  • Phone numbers with prefixes: Callbar will assume the prefix of a phone number to make a call. If the phone number has no prefix, Callbar will assume your default prefix but you can still edit it.
  • Dialer pad: If you try to perform a Click-to-Transfer when your Callbar’s dialer pad is open, you need to exit the dialer pad (by clicking on Cancel) to see the warm transfer overlay (step 2).
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