Product Notice: Migration to Zoho 2.0

Published: Dec 16, 2019

Zoho’s v1 APIs will reach their end-of-life (EOL) on 31 December 2019, as documented here. If your Talkdesk instance is integrated with Zoho, you must reconcile this change by coordinating with Talkdesk to disconnect and reconnect the integration.

Warning: Certain settings will be overridden upon reconnecting Zoho. The instructions below include steps to mitigate any service disruptions upon reconnecting.

Please follow the instructions below to execute the migration.


Coordinating a migration date with Talkdesk

Contact integrations-team@talkdesk with a desired time range to perform the migration. Available time ranges are weekdays between 9:00a – 6:00p GMT.

Please include your domain name in your correspondence. We will guarantee on the beginning of the selected day we will change your integration from V1 to V2.

Note: From the moment the integration is migrated from V1 to V2 by Talkdesk, the related automations and actions will stop working until the steps below are completed. 


Disconnecting Zoho from Talkdesk


  • On the chosen date, log in as an administrator and navigate to Admin [1] > Integrations [2].
  • Select Zoho CRM [3]. This will lead you Zoho’s automations list. 


  • Note the list of automations [4] and record which ones are active for later reference.
    • Note: These automations will be disabled upon reconnecting Zoho. You will need to reactivate them once reconnected, to restore service to normal.
  • Click Configuration [5] to proceed. This will take you to Zoho’s integration-level settings.


  • Note the field values [6] and the activated features [7] on this page and record them for later reference.  
    • Note: These settings will be overridden to their default values upon reconnecting Zoho. You will need to reconfigure these settings once reconnected, to restore service to normal.
  • Click Delete Integration [8] to finish disconnecting Zoho.


Reconnecting Zoho to Talkdesk


  • Return to Admin > Integrations
  • Click Add New Integration [9]. This will take you to the “Available Integrations” list. 


  • Locate Zoho CRM in the list and click Add Integration [10]. This will take you to Zoho’s integration-level settings. 


  • Enter your region [11], for example, ".com" for Global, or ".eu" for Europe. 
  • Configure the settings [12] according to the values you saved (see step 6 above).
  • Once complete, click Connect Zoho CRM [13].


  • Sign in with your Zoho Account and click Accept. 
  • Return to Admin > Integrations and select Zoho CRM
    • Note: If Zoho CRM doesn’t appear immediately, refresh the page.


Talkdesk will present a list of your automations, however, they will all be disabled [14]. You must re-enable the desired automations individually to restore functionality.

To restore an automation, click its corresponding gear icon and then click Edit [15]. This will take you to the automation’s configuration page.


  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and switch the toggle button [16] to ON
  • Click Save [17]

Once all desired automations are reactivated and saved, your integration has been restored and is working on Zoho CRM V2.0.




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