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Release Notes | November 18, 2019 | Talkdesk Studio


On Monday, November 18, 2019, we will release Flow Step Search - a new feature in Talkdesk Studio.

With this feature, admins can see a complete list of the steps that are part of the flow and easily find specific steps and groups of steps. This simplifies the process of checking settings or making adjustments in steps of the same type.

Flow Step Search enhances the user experience within the Flow Editor and is particularly useful when a flow contains a substantial number of steps.




What’s Included

  • Search by step name - simply type in the partial or full name of the step you are looking for;
  • Search by step type - you can also enter the name of the type of step you are interested in. For example, “Assignment and Dial”. All steps from this category will be listed;
  • Filter by step type - The search results are grouped by step type. Select one of these filters to access only the steps that belong to that specific category;
  • Easy navigation - With only a few clicks or keypresses, you can browse through the search results and open the steps you need to adjust.

For more details, please read the documentation.

Together with Flow Step Search, we have also adjusted the last-updated stamp of the flow versions, which appears inside the Flow Editor. It now allows you to track with precision when a flow was updated for the last time and which user made the update. This way, you can check who published or archived a specific flow version.

You will be able to get this information from the top bar of the Flow Editor and the drop-down list of flow versions.


Note: The last-updated stamp will not be automatically adjusted in flows which were last edited before this enhancement was made available in the accounts.


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