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Release Notes | October 14, 2019 | Talkdesk Mobile App


The Talkdesk Mobile App is a native application that enables you and your agents to handle calls without the need of a computer, allowing you to work with Talkdesk from anywhere, on the Android and iOS devices that you use on your day-to-day.

The Talkdesk Mobile App is available for customers on a Pro Plus or Enterprise plan and it can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Next, contact your Customer Success Manager or Suppport so that we can activate the Mobile App for your account.




What’s Included

  • Native Android and iOS applications - We integrate seamlessly with the user experience and voice capabilities of each mobile operating system, making the most of the users’ native experience.
  • Login via Talkdesk ID - Authenticate using the Talkdesk ID suite, including the ability to log in with SSO tools.
  • Agent status management - Real-time status sync allows you to set your availability just like in other Talkdesk agent applications and have this reflected across all systems.
  • Inbound and Outbound calling - Make and receive calls on the go regardless of your location, simply using mobile data or WiFi.
  • Selection and creation of contacts - Select existing contacts from Talkdesk’s database or create new contacts during a call.
  • Call history - Track your progress and redial any previously handled contacts from the call history page.
  • High-quality VoIP calls - A variable voice codec ensures consistent call quality even with adverse network conditions.
  • Receive call transfers, conference calls and agent-to-agent calls - You can use the Mobile App to receive calls from within your contact center on the go.
  • Dispositions and call notes - At the end of each call you’ll be able to fill out the corresponding disposition code and add call notes, triggering all the relevant automations.
  • Call recording - The calls handled on the Mobile App will be recorded according to your account settings, just like in other Talkdesk agent applications.
  • Talkdesk Explore historical reporting - Calls made and received via the Mobile App are logged in the dashboards and reports of Talkdesk Explore.
  • Call-related automations - Any automations that you have in place will be triggered when using the Mobile App, ensuring the creation of activity objects, cases, tickets, etc.

For more details, please see this overview article.



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