Product Notice: Talkdesk Reports & Dashboard Update

Talkdesk is excited to announce the launch of Talkdesk Explore, our new historical reporting platform designed to give contact center leaders more access to their data than ever before. For additional information on Talkdesk Explore please access the Knowledge Base. Talkdesk Explore is designed to replace the historical reports and dashboards that have been available in Main. As a result, these legacy historical reports and dashboards will be deprecated. The details of this change are outlined below.


When will the change happen?

Between September 30, 2019, and October 14, 2019, Talkdesk Explore was released to all customers. In order to allow time to adjust to the new capabilities, the deprecation of the legacy functionality will not begin until January 2020.


What are the key capabilities of legacy historical reporting and dashboards?

Capabilities available with the legacy instance are listed below:

  • Browse 8 dashboards
  • Schedule 16 reports


What enhancements does this change bring?

Talkdesk Explore introduces an all new reporting experience with the below benefits:

  • User-friendly navigation - Access to all reports through a centralized landing page
  • Improved Performance - Reduced wait time and faster availability of data
  • Versatility - Browse and schedule 8 dashboards with more flexible filters
  • Flexibility - Schedule 16 reports with more filters; preview report before scheduling
  • Customization - Custom reports with +900 metrics and dimensions (Enterprise Licenses)


What do I need to do?

Customers will need to recreate their scheduled reports in Talkdesk Explore by December 31, 2019. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page and the instructions on how to Create Scheduled Reports for more information.


What else should I know?

  • Permissions - Supervisor and Admin roles by default have Talkdesk Explore permissions enabled. Permissions can be added to other roles if desired
  • Data - Talkdesk Explore will leverage the same data as the legacy reports and provides more metrics and dimensions through the custom reports feature
  • Legacy Reports - Legacy scheduled reports and dashboards will remain available in Talkdesk’s Main application until the depreciation process starts on January 6, 2020


For questions or assistance on the deprecation of legacy historical reporting and dashboards and the move to Talkdesk Explore, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

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