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Release Notes | September 30, 2019 | Talkdesk Explore


On Monday, September 30, we will begin the progressive rollout of the following feature:


Beginning on September 30, 2019, Talkdesk will release Explore, the new analytical tool for historical data reporting, with a new UI, new scheduling and filtering capabilities, and a new and complete feature for creating custom reports and dashboards.

The Reporting Plans for 2019 are to provide to our customers accurate and more granular data on their activities, have a more flexible way of interacting with their call center information, and provide timely responses to their requests. Talkdesk Explore is the starting point!


What’s New

UI and flexibility - a landing page that will work as an operations center to access all the reports and dashboards that the user has permission to use. 

Smart navigation between sections, streamlined scheduled report view to provide better management, and enhanced filtering capabilities that will return the exact information users need.



Create feature - The solution that will allow a tailor-made answer to customer needs. Reports can be created using dimensions and 900+ measures available on four distinct datasets that will provide all the information needed to better manage the contact center.

Dashboards can be built by combining information from the different datasets, providing a full picture of the activities of the contact center and agents at the same time, in the same view.



Performance and timely response - Explore will work on top of a new platform fueling quicker response times, faster dashboard loading, and improved performance for scheduled or on demand jobs.


Explore is the beginning of the Talkdesk reporting revolution. The next step is to deliver a new data model where we will zoom in the interactions between callers and contact centers to provide a more detailed view of what happens from start to interaction finish. 


Migration Process

Beginning September 30, 2019, Explore will be progressively enabled for all accounts.

The existing Reporting tabs (metrics and Scheduled) will remain accessible for a period of time to allow customers to make a smooth and effortless transition from these reports and dashboards to the new Explore experience. 

Please see the FAQ to get more details about the migration.

For detailed instructions on how to use Explore, please check this section.


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