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Limitations in Calling China


Communications terminating in China are currently subject to strict spam monitoring and regulations. This means that short duration calls (under three minutes) have a high chance of being blocked. This regulation affects all international traffic terminating in China, and is not unique to Talkdesk's platform.

To ensure compliance with these regulations, by default it is not possible to dial Chinese numbers. However, if you would like to send traffic to China, access will be granted if your use-case meets the following guidelines:

  • No calls under three minutes.
  • No unsolicited marketing calls.
  • No high volume of calls from the same number within a rolling hour.
  • No calls from invalid, modified, spoofed or restricted numbers.
  • No calls from a Chinese number.

Please contact our Support Team to request access or if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: Callers who do not adhere to these rules risk having their calls blocked without notice. Spam monitoring in China happens downstream from Talkdesk, so Talkdesk has no control over this process.

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