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Disposition Sets


We are happy to announce a new feature that allows admins to give their agents access only to the dispositions that matter for their particular ring group(s).

Admins and Supervisors will see a new tab in the Admin section called Dispositions, and the dispositions they had in the Preferences page will be migrated here:


To make this experience seamless, all dispositions will be migrated and associated to all ring groups in the account, to mimic exactly what happens today.

The only difference Agents will notice is a new box displayed above the Disposition codes field showing the call direction, whether they have just finished receiving an Inbound call or making an Outbound call:


Note: To see this update in Callbar agents must be using Callbar Version 1.23 or above. To update Callbar to the latest version, follow the instructions here.


Anyone who has access to the Preferences tab will also have access to the new Dispositions tab.

Talkdesk’s new Dispositions tab will be deployed progressively starting April 30, and will become available on all accounts by May 10, 2019 .

From this date on, admins can start organizing their disposition codes in Sets and assigning them to specific agents only using ring groups. To learn how to do this visit our Call Disposition Codes article.

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