"Please login in Salesforce Connector"

The message "Please login in Salesforce Connector" appears when Callbar is ignorant of your login session within Salesforce’s phone widget. Typically, the message appears due to a misconfiguration of one or more settings, affecting the connection between your Talkdesk and Salesforce accounts. Many advanced features (e.g., Click-to-Call, automations to log calls to cases, etc.) rely on Callbar to recognize this connection.


The goal of this article is to provide in-depth instructions on how to correctly configure the Callbar CTI Connector for Salesforce so that the above error message is not shown in Callbar. For more general guidance, you should check the article Callbar CTI Connector.


Talkdesk Settings

Agents' registered email on Talkdesk must match their email in Salesforce. Additionally, agents must also have "Salesforce" set up as their Client Integration. Administrators can do this by applying a bulk action to the selected agents, from the Agents tab in the Admin section:


For more information, please check the article Managing agents using search, filters and bulk actions.


Callbar Version

Agents should use Callbar App (white background, dark logo). To download Callbar App, please check the article Callbar FAQ under "How do I install Callbar App?".

Note: Callbar App is distinct from Callbar Chrome App (dark background, white logo) which should be used only by those on Chrome OS.


Click-to-Call Extension

Agents might have the Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension installed. This extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store and, once added, will be visible near the top-right corner of Google Chrome.

Follow these steps to configure  Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension:


  1. Click the Talkdesk icon [1].
  2. Select Options [2].


  1. Click the Make the call through drop-down menu. Select Callbar App [3] (or Callbar Chrome OS if using this version).

Important: Talkdesk Click-to-Call extension cannot be used within the same domain of Talkdesk’s connector. This means that it cannot be used in Salesforce as it will conflict with the connector and cause it to disconnect.

To be able to use the Talkdesk Click-to-Call extension on other sites other than Salesforce, you need to exclude the Salesforce domain from the extension scope. In order to do so, please do the following:

  1. Select Yes [4] in Extended Detection.
  2. On Extended Detection Exceptions add the salesforce.com domain [5].
  3. Hit the Save button [6].


Salesforce Settings

Agents must have their CTI set to "Callbar CTI Electron”. To do this, please follow the instructions in the article Callbar App for Salesforce.

Note: If you are using Callbar Chrome App, follow the instructions in the article Callbar Chrome App for Salesforce instead.  

Once the correct CTI has been added, your agents can log in to the Talkdesk phone widget inside Salesforce:  

Salesforce Lightning


  1. Go to the Home page in Salesforce.
  2. Click the phone widget icon in the bottom left corner of Salesforce [1].
  3. Enter your domain name [2].
  4. Select Login [3]. The widget will automatically reconcile your login session if all other settings are correct.

Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce Classic, the phone widget can be obscured by a small, expandable tab on the left edge of the window:


If you have confirmed that the above settings are correctly configured and the message “Please login in Salesforce Connector” persists, please contact Talkdesk Support.

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