How to Uninstall Callbar from Windows

If you need to uninstall Callbar app from your Windows machine follow the steps below:


Step 1.

Click on the Windows icon [1] in the bottom left corner of your screen, type Control Panel [2] and then select the Control Panel option [3].



Step 2.

In the Control Panel window, select Uninstall a Program [4].


You should then be presented with a list of installed programs. Scroll down to Callbar and left-click to highlight it [5]. Then press Uninstall [6].



Step 3.

Press OK [7] to confirm you want to uninstall Callbar.


This will now uninstall Callbar from your Windows machine. To verify this was done successfully, go back to the Control Panel window and make sure Callbar has been removed from the list.


Step 4.

Now the that Callbar has been removed, you need to clear the cached data that still remains on your machine.

First press the Windows icon [8] in the bottom left corner of your screen, type %appdata% [9] and then click the option that appears on the menu [10].

This will open up the AppData folder.


Step 5. 

You now need to delete the Callbar folder that appears on this list. To do so, right-click the folder [11] and select Delete [12].


You are all done. You can reinstall Callbar on Windows at any time.

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