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Troubleshooting your network with Iperf


Iperf is a cross-platform tool for network performance measurement and tuning. 

Iperf has client and server functionality and can create data streams to measure the throughput between the two ends in one or both directions, with a time-stamped report of the amount of data transferred and the throughput measured. The quality of a network link can be tested with LatencyJitter and the Packet Loss measured.


How to Install

Please download the latest version of iperf3 following this link:

MacOS / Linux

After downloading, unzip iperf to the desired folder and open a console 


  # in this example the program was unzip in the folder "portable"
talkdesk$ cd portable
# make sure the program have premission to run
talkdesk$ chmod u+x ./iperf3


How to run 

Now that you have configured iperf, in the console, you can run the iperf in client mode to connect with our server.

  # In this exemple 
# -c: using client mode
# connecting with the server
# -p: in the port 5200
# -u: using UDP
# -b: with 90K bandwidth
# -P: simulating 20 connection
talkdesk$ ./iperf3 -c -p 5200 -u -b 90K -P20

After this test, please contact our support line ( to troubleshoot your connection with you and make sure to have your external IP handy.






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