Rating the quality of a call in Callbar

In Callbar, besides having the options to choose a call disposition and add notes, you are also able to provide feedback about the quality of the calls.

If your administrator enables the Call Quality Feedback feature and the Call Disposition Dialog is also enabled, the Call Quality option will be displayed in Callbar when the call ends, whether it’s an outbound or inbound call. 

Note: After the Call Quality Feedback feature is enabled, please log out and log back into Callbar, for the change to take effect.

Rating the quality will help your supervisor and administrator to gather more details about each call. However, this is not mandatory in Callbar, and you can proceed without selecting a rating (e.g., select a disposition only, dismiss the call disposition window, etc.)

To rate the quality of the call when it ends, from the call disposition dialog, please follow these steps:


  • Select a rating between 1 and 5 by choosing the corresponding number of stars (where 5 means "excellent call quality") [1].
  • Select also a call disposition, if you haven’t done it yet [2].
  • Press 'Log' [3].


  • If the rating is equal to or below 3, you will see a drop-down list [4] where you need to select one reason for the rating, before being able to press 'Log'.

There are four reasons to choose from:

- Dropped call.

- One-way audio.

- Broken audio or bad sound.

- Agent interface issue.

Note: The feature is only available in Callbar



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