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2. Setting up new IVR menu options with Talkdesk Studio (Closed Beta)


Note: Talkdesk Studio is in private beta and currently available to customers who subscribed to our Early Adopters program. If you wish to apply, please contact your CSM or Talkdesk support team ( for more information.


We've created a new IVR greeting, now let's set up our IVR menu options.

Click the ‘My new IVR’ widget [1] and select its Exits tab [2]:


  • In 'Keypress exits[3], select 1.
  • IVR option 1 should send the call to our sales team so we’ll name our Exit: '1 for sales’.
  • Press ‘Send to[4] and select the ‘Add new step’ option.
  • On the ‘Component’ drop-down menu, select ‘Assignment and Dial’ so we can later select where calls will be routed to when customers press 1.
  • Type in a name for this step. We’ll call ours: ‘Sales queue’.
  • Press ‘Add Step[5].


  • Press the ‘Add Exit’ button [6] to add our second IVR keypress option.
  • In 'Keypress exits[7], select to send the call to our support team.
  • Type in a name for this Exit  (e.g. "2 for support").
  • Press ‘Send to’ and select the ‘Add new step’ option [8].
  • On the Component drop-down menu, select ‘Assignment and Dial’ again so we can later define how option 2 should route our callers.
  • We’ll name this step: “Support queue”.
  • Press the ‘Add Step’ button [9] and ‘Save’ your changes [10].

Our IVR menu is ready! Try it out on your own account, before we proceed with Getting Started Step 3 tutorial to learn how to route calls to agents using Talkdesk Studio.

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