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Talkdesk Studio: Intro (Beta)


Talkdesk Studio is an interactive visual designer, available to our Enterprise customers, that offers Talkdesk Admins a new way to configure, design and manage both very simple and very complex call flows.

Our first beta release includes a new assignment system providing new capabilities, like time-based actions on virtual queues and interaction prioritization. It’s continuously being extended to support multiple attributes with skills proficiency to provide a best in class routing solution with omni-channel capabilities.

This beta is available only to customers who subscribed to our Early Adopters program. If you wish to apply, please contact your CSM or Talkdesk support team ( for more information.

Once Talkdesk Studio has been enabled for your account, click the button below for a step by step walkthrough that will help you learn and understand how Studio’s self-service visual flow designer works, so you can start designing, building and delivering your own customer journeys.



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