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Talkdesk Live (legacy): new Breakdown feature and updated team filtering


Note: This Announcement was originally published in 2018.


We are happy to announce the addition of a new customization feature to Talkdesk Live (Legacy).

The widgets can now be configured to display a breakdown of the data by either ring group or team.



This enhancement enables Supervisors to specify if they want to see aggregated data for several teams/ring groups, or see the data broken down by team, or ring group, for their preferred metrics and widgets. The Breakdown feature can be selected in the settings of each widget, and the type of breakdown available will depend on each metric.

One of the main advantages of using breakdowns is that they let Supervisors compare data for different ring groups or teams in the same widget, without having to jump between dashboards or change filters.

The Breakdown feature will be progressively deployed to all accounts from October 18th, 2018, onwards. Learn more here.

Additionally, on this date, we will update the way team filtering works. From now on, the team filter, in the dashboard, will not be applied to queue-related metrics because these should only be filtered by ring group. For example, with the metric Abandon Rate it’s not possible to calculate and display the abandon rate by team, since abandoned calls are abandoned while they are waiting in the queue of the ring groups, thus not belonging to any team. Please see more details here.


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