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Talkdesk Live (legacy) multiple dashboards and new abandon rate widget


Note: This Announcement was originally published in 2018.


We are excited to announce a new feature that will allow supervisors to add multiple Dashboards in Talkdesk Live (legacy).

Talkdesk Live (legacy) can be configured to display multiple customized dashboards tailored for your call center's team or queue specific needs.  Each admin and supervisor can customize his/her own dashboards:


This feature will help supervisors better manage productivity and act on real-time data by being able to organize multiple dashboards to display the required information for each team, service or queue.

Learn more about Talkdesk Live (legacy) multiple dashboards.

With the launch of this new feature, we are also changing the way we store your Talkdesk Live (legacy) dashboard filters.

Instead of being stored locally on your machine, we will now store them on our side so, even if you change machines, you will never lose your Talkdesk Live (legacy) filters, until manually changed or cleared.

Note: Once this feature is deployed to your account, all your current Talkdesk Live (legacy) dashboard filters will be cleared and you will need to reconfigure them again. However, from here on, you will no longer need to do this again, even if accessing on a different machine, as this will now be associated with your profile.

Additionally, we will also enhance the UI readability and introduce a new metric available for selection when adding new widgets: abandon rate.

Abandon rate is the percentage of calls that did not reach the agents because the customer disconnected while in the waiting queue or in the IVR. This could be because they deliberately hung up or lost connection/service (for instance if they called from a mobile device). This metric does not include short abandons.

These new features will be rolled-out in batches starting Thursday, September 13.

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