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Restructure and Redesign of Talkdesk Academy


On Friday, September 21, Talkdesk Academy has changed:   


What’s New?

The new design and structure is meant to improve and simplify learner’s experience, enabling an easier visualization of all courses available so you can better plan your learning path and schedule.

All courses continue to be free, but can now be taken individually or together as a certification.

You can opt for either taking a certification training (agents, supervisors and admins) or take specific trainings individually e.g. Best Practices, The Agent Dashboard, Talkdesk Live (legacy), etc.

We are also offering three new courses: "Talkdesk AppConnect", "Admins: Integrations" and the soft skills course "Call Center Etiquette", plus a new lesson: "Voicemail Settings", included in the "Admins: Customizing your Account" course.


What happens to my existing certificates and completed courses?

If you already have a certificate, it remains valid and you are not forced to take the courses again.

From ‘My Profile’, in the menu in the top-right corner, you are still able to check your previous registrations and certificates:


The registrations section displays the following course information:


  • Course Title (clickable link)
  • Enrollment date
  • Status (e.g. 3 of 6 lessons)
  • Certificate (clickable link, if available)
  • Completion date
  • Score (if applicable)
  • Credits (if applicable)
  • Email notifications (uncheck to opt out)


What’s changing?

The video and quiz lessons in the courses can now be taken without following a specific order, so this means that you can also pick up where you left off. However, to issue a certificate, you need to watch all videos and take all quizzes.

If you do not wish to do this, please try to finish any open courses until September 21st, or contact us after this date by emailing: so we can mark the lessons you had taken already as completed in the new interface.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or concerns!

You can learn more about Talkdesk Academy in this FAQ page.

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