"Unable to establish connection"


The "Unable to establish connection" error is displayed if an outbound call ended before reaching the contact, indicating poor or interrupted internet connectivity.

We recommend that you reestablish your internet connection and refresh the page. If this does not solve the issue:

  • Confirm that all systems are operational on our side by visiting Talkdesk status page.
  • Make sure that you are using an Ethernet connection and not WiFi.

WiFi lacks reliability for voice communications as it is prone to increased latency and interference from other devices.

Check why we Recommend Ethernet instead of WiFI.

  • If an Ethernet connection is not available yet, use a 5GHz router instead of a 2.4GHz one.
  • Close any apps that may be unnecessarily using your bandwidth up.

If you are still experiencing issues:

  • Check with your IT department or network administrator. We recommend configuring and optimizing the internal network according to our system and network requirements.
  • Check with your ISP.
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