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Teams open access release


We are happy to announce that starting next Monday, July 16 and until the end of the same week Teams will be out of private beta and progressively available to all Talkdesk accounts.


Talkdesk Teams offers a new way to formally group, organize and filter agents in Talkdesk. 

By default, all admin users are set to include the “create” role permission and have the ability to view, create and edit Teams. You can then start taking advantage of Talkdesk teams filtering capabilities in Talkdesk Live (legacy). 

In this first open access release, Calls and Agents Status scheduled reports will also include a new Teams field. The new field will be rolled-out in batches starting today and will continue until the end of next week. 

Additionally, data analysts, will also have Teams available in the Reporting API in order to use their own reporting tools and prepare team centered dashboards for their company supervisors and admins. Visit our documentation for the Reporting API to learn more. This new field will also be rolled-out in batches and will be complete until the end of next week. 

Supervisors and admins can now also filter metrics by multiple ring group or phone numbers (previously they could only see all or one ring group or phone number at a time).

Selecting one or more options will create an intersection between the phone number(s) and the ring group(s) selected, only showing data that applies to both conditions.

Ticking the ‘Select All’ box will display results for all phone numbers and ring groups again. 

We’ll continue working on new features to introduce further team related capabilities that, among other things, will allow you to filter by team in Historical and Scheduled Reports. In the next few months Teams will also become an important new concept in Talkdesk and extend to other areas besides reporting & analytics, so start creating your teams today to be able to take advantage of what is coming!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact


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