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Managing Permissions for Contact Creation in Callbar


With the launch of Callbar 1.15, Callbar will rely solely on the permissions that are set for Roles.This means that you should review the permissions for agents regarding the creation of Contacts.

Until this release, Callbar wasn’t connected to these contact permissions and agents could always create contacts through Callbar even if this was turned off in the permissions of the role.

To make sure that your agents have the desired contact creation permissions, please follow these steps:



  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the 'Admin' section [1].
  • Click the 'Roles' tab [2].
  • Click the pencil icon in the Permissions column of the Agent role [3]

Note: If there are other agent-level roles configured in your account, you need to check their contact creation permissions too.



  • Select the "Contacts tab" (2nd from the left) [4] .
  • Uncheck the box in the 'Create' permission if you don't want to allow your agents to create contacts [5]. Or check the box if you want to allow this.
  • Click 'Save' [6]. The changes will be applied to both Callbar and Talkdesk main web application.

And that’s it!

For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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