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Improvements in the Preferences tab


To enhance the user experience of Talkdesk administrators when they are configuring account-wide settings, we have implemented some visual improvements in the Preferences tab:

  • The sections and settings have been reshuffled for grouping purposes.
  • New section titles were added to reflect the reorganization. For example, 'General Settings' and 'Agent Workflow'.
  • The font in section titles is slightly larger, making it easier to locate settings.
  • The 'Save' button and Talkdesk footer are now static, improving speed and effectiveness, as the administrator no longer needs to scroll down to the bottom of the page to save changes.


Please note that we have not removed or added settings, we only changed the way they are organized.

You can check this article to see an overview of the Preferences tab, including a brief explanation of each setting. 

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