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Preferences Overview


By default, account Administrators have access to the Admin section where they can configure account-wide settings in the Preferences tab.


Below you can find an overview of the Preferences with a brief explanation of each one.

Please note that some features will only be available on certain plans.



General Settings

Time zone

Your account's timezone.

Business Hours

Configure your account's opening hours.


Configure a list of phone numbers that you wish to block from contacting you.

Default Prefix

Change the default country prefix that is used with outbound calls in Callbar.






Device Settings

Device connection

Enable ‘Multiple Device Mode’ or ‘Single Device Mode’ for the account.



Multiple Device Mode - Receive Calls in Browser / External Phone / SIP Phone

Configure in which devices your agents will receive Inbound calls.



Single Device Mode - Allow External Phone / Allow SIP Device

Select which devices you allow your agents to connect to Callbar.



Routing Settings


Number of Agents to Ring

Number of agents to ring at a time when a new call comes in.

Intelligent Reconnect 

Allow callers that were disconnected within the past 5 minutes to have the option to resume their previous conversation.

After Hours IVR

When enabled, the IVR of your numbers will be active during closing hours.

Automatic Away

Force a status change to Away for any agent that fails to take a specified number of calls in sequence.

Agent IVR

Enable or disable the Agent IVR feature for the whole account; this feature can be used when there are external phone numbers associated with agents or numbers.

Custom Error Message

Set up a text-to-speech message to play in the highly unlikely event of service disruption.


When this feature is enabled, calls are automatically answered on Callbar, within one second.



Queue Settings

Queue to Voicemail

Allow a customer in queue to request a Voicemail, and set the digit that will trigger this action.

Queue Callback

Allow a customer in queue to request a Callback, and set the digit that will trigger this action.

Maximum Queue Size

When the specified number is reached, all additional callers will be sent to voicemail.

Forced Queuing

When enabled, your callers will remain in the waiting queue during business hours regardless of agent availability.

Waiting Time Limit

When this limit is reached for a queued call, it will be sent to voicemail or if-no-answer number.





Metrics Settings

Service Level Threshold

Calls answered within the chosen threshold will be considered as meeting Service Level.

Filter Short Abandoned Calls

Short calls that abandon before the chosen threshold will not be reported as abandoned.

Report Files Retention Period

Specify for how long historical reports will be available (view/download).

Reporting Data Retention Period

Specify for how long reporting data will be available.





Call Settings

Automatically Close Call Summary Window

The "Call Summary" window will automatically close after the set amount of time.

Inbound/Outbound Call Recording

Enable or disable recording of calls.

Agent-initiated Pause Recording

Allow your agents to pause the recording during a call.

Caller Connection Tone

When enabled, agents will hear a beep when they are connected with the caller.

Public Recordings

When enabled, recording URLs can be shared outside Talkdesk. (Note: This feature is being deprecated, which means that you may not see this option in your account).

Dual Channel Recordings

When enabled, it will generate call recordings in stereo with the agent on one channel and the caller/callee on the other channel.

Call Quality Feedback

If enabled, agents will be given the option to rate the quality of the call, when it ends, in the call disposition window of Callbar.




Agent Workflow

Custom Status

Add or edit Agent Status.

Default Agent Status

The status that agents are set to after logging in.

Timeout Inactivity

When an agent is logged in but there is no activity for the amount of time specified, their session will be terminated and they will be logged out of Talkdesk.

Desktop Notifications

When enabled, agents will be notified as they receive a call, even if their browser is minimized.

Outbound Caller ID Selection

"Customized" allows agents to select which Talkdesk number to use for outbound calls and "Automated" makes this process automatic.

External Favorites

Configure a list of favorite phone numbers.






Login Settings

Single Sign-On Provider

Allows you to select a SSO provider for your agents to log into Talkdesk.



Require Two-factor Authentication

When enabled, it will force agents to configure a two-factor authentication (2FA) method to log into Talkdesk.






Storage Settings

Delete Call and Voicemail Recordings

When enabled, call and voicemail recordings older than the selected period will be periodically removed.

Data Storage Provider

Define where you would like to store call and voicemail recordings.





Voicemail Settings

Voicemail Enabled

Configure if voicemail is enabled in your account.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Configure if voicemail transcriptions are enabled in your account.

Maximum Length

Maximum length for voicemail recordings in minutes.





Contact Profile

Custom Fields

Additional fields to be displayed on contact's profile.





Sentiment Settings

Sentiment (BETA)

Activate Sentiment, a tool that allows you to collect Customer Satisfaction data through text message surveys and agent assessments of customer Mood.





SMS Settings


If you have Salesforce installed, you can activate your SMS (BETA) service here.

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